Small Satellites

12U CubeSat Spacecraft

Adcole Maryland Aerospace’s next generation CubeSat design leverages both Kestrel Eye Block IIM (KE-IIM) and our ADACS heritage to provide a standardized and scalable platform to the greatest extent possible to maximize reuse of both hardware and software, increasing reliability while reducing cost and schedule. Our CubeSats feature separable payload volumes enabling parallel integration of the payload and avionics while providing known interfaces and EMI shielding. The avionics chassis incorporates integrated standard AMA ADACS module, slide-in circuit cards and a backplane, as well as optional propulsion modules (140 m/s) for constellation phasing, orbit maintenance, deorbit or formation flying.

Standard Payload Accommodations:

  • Size: 4U (22.1×19.5 x 9.6 cm) or 8U (22.1×19.5 x 19.2 cm)
  • Mass: 8 kg or 16 kg
  • Power, representative: 15 to 25 W
  • Power and Data Interfaces: 13.2 – 16.8 V unregulated, RS-422 Data Interface (x1), 3.3 V Analog Inputs (x8), Bi-level Inputs/Outputs (x2)

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MAGICBus MicroSatellite

Adcole Maryland Aerospace’s MAGIC Class Bus line is a 50+ kg, lowcost, electro-optical imaging microsatellite platform that provides imagery in near-real time. Featuring a 25-50 cm aperture, the Optical Imaging Micro-Satellite can be tasked to capture an image of a designated ground object and relay that image to a mobile ground station. It can complete the task in a single pass or within a 10-minute tasking-to-product cycle. The micro-satellite communications encryption, propulsive station-keeping capability, accurate attitude control, and pointing accuracy, all in a small package; the small form factor enables launch as a secondary payload, making both spacecraft and launch very affordable.

  • Features: 24 to 50 cm optical payload or available payload volume
  • Size: Up to 38x26x24 inches (965x660x610 millimeters)
  • Weight: 50 to 220 kg
  • Power: Up to 150W solar array peak power, option for 780 W
  • Standard Payload Interfaces: 113.2 – 16.8 V unregulated, 26 – 34 V unregulated, RS-422 Data Interface (x1), 3.3 V Analog Inputs (x8), Bi-level Inputs/Outputs (x2)

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